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Track 08 - Peace of Protection

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Adopt faith, not fear!

There's a faster way to get centered in peace regarding protection. It's like a turbo-charged, super-food for your spirit! 

The truth doesn't change--despite the negative broadcasts we hear daily.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace, and He is our protector from all kinds of harm. He has not changed, even though we are living in turbulent times. This is what we need to absorb to stand rock solid on The Rock Who is our peace of safety.

Faith to receive peace is nurtured in the spirit by hearing the truth. It's so important to spend time listening to His eternal truth, especially because we receive so many broadcasts due to the multi-media world we live in. By default, we absorb it until we change Who we listen to. 

In this blessing, your spirit will receive faith for peace from the truth of our Father's comprehensive protection package in Psalm 91, learn about the place of protection, have your emotions stabilized from the negative impulses stemming from potential panic-inducers, be anchored to His protection that covers germs on food and sickness at large, and receive direction to the ultimate peace of protection--relationship with the Father. 

"Peace of Protection" is a blessing from Perfect Peace written by Crystal Wade, presented by Dr. Anne Rowntree, and accompanied by Celeste Stewart. These three women each have a unique gift of healing. 

Plug in, listen and grow strong in peace that you are protected--while sleeping, commuting, exercising, whenever! 

(This is not a physical product. It is a digital download.)