Track 07 - Peace in Difficult Relationships

Track 07 - Peace in Difficult Relationships

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Have you been in a relationship where you could not keep peace? Have you been “required” by people, even believers, to bend or yield to their way of relating even when it did not work for you?

The key is to please our Heavenly Father in the ways we relate to Him, ourselves, and others.

It is incredibly freeing to understand that your Heavenly Father knows that peace cannot be achieved, if it is not pursued, on both sides. So, His expectations are for peace for you with Him, and then with yourself, and for others “as far as it depends on you.” He doesn’t expect for you to be the brunt of others’ chaos.

“As far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone,” writes the Apostle Paul. In other words, all that your Heavenly Father is requiring is for you to do your part. Sometimes that includes walking away. Sometimes that includes confrontation in a healthy way—which does not “feel” peaceful. Sometimes, the road to peace begins with a healthy confrontation—which includes strength, gentleness, and firmness as well.

This audio blessing will nurture faith and peace in your spirit. Faith comes by hearing the sound of the Word—and this sound is mixed with the Holy Spirit’s leadership and the healing virtue of three women of faith (Crystal Wade, Dr. Anne Rowntree, and Celeste Stewart).

Listen and receive healing from wounds stemming from difficult relationships through “Peace in Difficult Relationships.”