Track 02 - Peace of Restoration to God’s Original Design

Track 02 - Peace of Restoration to God’s Original Design

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Receive peace with YOUR identity. The Father's given these rights to you. Let your spirit soak up the truth and love of His design of your identity.

Imagine the surprise of discovering you’re the recipient of “unclaimed money”!?!

You literally are!

Your Heavenly Father created your spirit with “unclaimed money” or divine rights, which translates to peace, in at least six areas. The reason they seem to be in the “unclaimed money” category is because the enemy has tormented you with your failures, you have not been taught your divine rights, and/or because you’ve had misinterpretations of how it works based on wounds from living in a fallen world.

However, they are yours because He created them for you, and Christ paid to redeem them; so they are yours, on both counts.

“Peace of Restoration to God’s Original Design” is a set of six highly targeted blessings to anchor your spirit in the truth of your divine right to peace in these six areas.

This audio "single" from Perfect Peace, audio album, includes blessings on the following divine rights which nurture peace in your spirit:

  1. divine right to be you, to live and move, and to be freely—you
  2. divine right to open relationship with your Heavenly Father as a beloved child with his/her father, no matter your failings, other people’s opinions, or the enemy’s accusations
  3. divine right to live as the spirit being you are in comfort in your physical body, to be at ease in your own skin
  4. divine right of peace with your own gender, including your Father’s delight in your masculinity or femininity
  5. divine right of peace with authority, and separation by the sword of Truth between what is the true, loving, good authority of our Heavenly Father and what is not
  6. divine right of peace with nature.

Listen your way to peace!

Listening to blessings for the spirit, such as the Perfect Peace audio album, is THE fastest and easiest way to nurture peace in the human spirit! What we hear over and over, our spirit absorbs.

Plug in when you're sleeping, exercising, commuting, and make the most of your time to GROW peace in your spirit!