The Secret Place

The Secret Place

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Strengthen and build your spirit in faith by soaking in The Secret Place.

(This recording downloads to computers; it may not open on all phones. If not, go to the Quick Links (scroll down on this page) to: Hope Streams' YouTube. "The Secret Place" is available there, also!)

Reconcile with your Heavenly Father. Allow your case to be heard in Heaven's Court. Be strengthened in your heart to rest in the God you trust (the essence of Shabbat)--and be protected from the Coronavirus, plague and sickness. This is the will of your Heavenly Father for you.

Overcome the threat of the Coronavirus with these supernatural supplies: faith, hope, love, Shabbat, stocking up on His Word and worship. All these are included here except your own physical implementation of Shabbat.

Featuring the anointed music of Brenda Taylor and Keri Degg, this audio single is almost 40 minutes long and suitable for listening at night as well as focused day sessions.

The more you listen, the stronger your faith grows. Listen your way to overcoming through Jesus Christ our Lord!

This is a gift to the body of Christ from our family. Download for yourself, your family, and share it freely.