The Majestic One and Glorious You

The Majestic One and Glorious You

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Our spirits are the place of meeting with our Heavenly Father. Connected to the Father, our spirits have access to Him as the source of life, health, and solid  leadership. This positively impacts our souls and bodies. To grow strong and healthy, our spirits need nourishing, healthful meals full of the Word and the Spirit. 

Just as plants and people are immune to sickness and disease when they're healthy from proper nutrition and communicated love, so too are our spirits. Unbelievable in the Western world of excess is the fact that most people have an over-fed soul and a mal-nourished spirit. (Unfortunately, without swimming against the flow, the soul has been eating junk food. This impacts our bodies.) 

Join Crystal Wade and enjoy a nourishing meal for your spirit in "The Majestic One and Glorious You" featuring music by Brenda Taylor and Keri Degg. 

(This is an audio download only. It is not a physical product.)