Daily Cleanser Soak

Daily Cleanser Soak

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We live in a dirty world far from Eden. Pollution and contaminants for the body, soul and spirit are everywhere.

Your salvation "bath" was magnificent and eternal. Yet just as it is in our daily lives, regular cleansing is needed, or we end up dirty and sick. 

Twenty-five minutes long, the Daily Cleanser Soak is the culmination of decades of family cleansing prayers. It is excellent to soak the family in overnight, or to listen to on the drive home.

In addition to your family, the Daily Cleanser Soak is strategic for those in law enforcement of any kind, healthcare, or any profession that faces death. 

Our Heavenly Father relayed to Moses how to cleanse and reintegrate soldiers (help them shift from war to peace) after military campaigns. In order to protect the peace and purity of the police, soldiers, and special task force operatives’ own souls, and from that place, their families’, there are some key Scriptural protocol which is valuable to know.

After war, cleanse, then downshift to rest. After rest, upshift to worship and remembrance of the goodness of God and the victories He gave. These intentional shifts are powerful.  They kept Joshua from becoming hardened and jaded by the battles he fought and the atrocities of the practices of the pagan nations that he saw.

The Daily Cleanse Soak does address the unique issue of spiritually cleansing the Teacher and Mercy portions of the spirit and their interconnections with the soul and body after any contact with death. As such, it's an excellent addition for anyone who works in law enforcement or healthcare. 

Join Crystal Wade and feel clean and refreshed by listening to the "Daily Cleanser Soak," featuring anointed music by Brenda Taylor and Keri Degg. 

(This is an audio download only. It is not a physical product.)