Daily Cleanser (physical product)

Daily Cleanser (physical product)

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Be refreshed and energized. Rest and allow your spirit to be cleansed so you have freedom to live optimally.

We live in a dirty world far from Eden. Pollution and contaminants for the spirit, soul and body are everywhere and increasing.

Your salvation "bath" was magnificent and eternal. Yet just as it is in our daily lives, regular cleansing is needed, or we end up dirty and sick.

Notice your children acting out after school or being with friends? Feel “off” after work, a phone call, an email, a ministry session, or chance meeting at the store? Not yourself after traveling? Drained after work? Especially in a field where you encounter sickness and death?

Jesus said that those who are clean (salvation) need only wash their feet (the dirt of the day off), John 13:10.

A key reason you feel these ways is because you’ve accrued spiritual dirt from walking through a fallen world. If the dirt remains, it leaves room for Father’s ancient enemy to heap more on easily, and then through that junk pile, interfere with your hearing the still small voice of your Heavenly Father, and decrease the life-flow between you and Him which leads to trouble in your physical life.

However, the antidote is simple. Wash daily. For the busy times in which we live, it’s not always so easy to wash yourself and/or your family daily.

Approximately twenty-five minutes long, the Daily Cleanser is the culmination of decades of family cleansing prayers. It is excellent to soak yourself and/or your family in overnight, or to listen to on the drive home.

In addition to your family, the Daily Cleanser is strategic for those in law enforcement of any kind, healthcare, court work, government agencies, or any profession that faces death. Further, there are gifts in the spiritual arena that encounter more warfare such as prophets, seers, watchmen, discerners and intercessors.

Based on Father’s protocol to Moses regarding cleansing and reintegrating soldiers, the Daily Cleanser addresses the unique issue of spiritually cleansing the Teacher and Mercy portions of the spirit and their interconnections with the soul and body after any contact with death. It is as apropos to these spiritual warriors as physical soldiers.

Join Crystal Wade and feel your spirit’s joy arise as cleansing and refreshment flow by listening to the Daily Cleanser featuring anointed music by Brenda Taylor and Keri Degg (www.dovetailshalomministries.com).  

Format: audio CD