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Perfect Peace ebook (for digital readers including iPads)

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Shalom, the Hebrew word for peace, is defined as "being whole, sound, safe, secure, fulfilled, with relationships restored."  It refers to having nothing missing, nothing broken.  Peace anchors the spirit, gives security to the soul, and infuses the body with life in its very cells.  In this life, the Lord Jesus Christ said that we will have trouble.  Yet, He left us His peace.  Therefore, peace is not an absence of conflict, but rather the presence of inner harmony even in the midst of outside turmoil.

Every person has the capacity to grow in perfect peace.  However, it is most effective to nurture the spirits of children in the womb with peace.  The spirit is not dependent on the organic brain.  Children whose spirits are nurtured in the womb will not have to wrestle with their soul's anxiety to return to their peace-base, as their soul is dependent on the organic brain and not fully functional until age two.  Perfect Peace is presented as the second book in a quartet.  (The first is Pure Joy co-authored with Arthur Burk, and the next two are in the works.)  One of the purposes of the set is to provide a daily blessing during pregnancy.

However, the fact remains that the human spirit is ageless and eternal.  Therefore, it is never too late to start where you are!  Soaking in the blessings--either by reading the book or by listening to the audio album--will cause you to be convinced in your heart (not just your mind!) of their time-less truth, based on Scripture.  This book speeds up the process.  When this happens, the truth flows forth from your spirit effecting transformation as you speak them.  Whether you are nurturing a child in the womb, in need of peace yourself, or desiring to minister peace to your family or friend, pick up the book and delve into the blessings of peace.  There is no time like the present!

This book is fresh, clear, easy to read, and energizing!  Soaking in the blessings of peace will impact your spirit, no matter if you're one or 100!

[The book opens with background regarding the spirit, and nurturing the spirits of children starting in the womb (if possible). It ends with chapters devoted to helping parents and caregivers recognize and nurture the spirit needs of children. It contains an excellent reference guide at the end with appendices and prayer guides including: Labor and Delivery, Iniquity door to Generational Curses, Names, Generational Memories, Sound, Time Prayer. There's no other book available with this specific assistance for parents and caregivers regarding spirit nurture for their children.) 

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