Pure Joy Audio Album (physical product)

  • $19.99

(This is a physical product.)

Joy is an essential fruit of the Spirit. In addition to the wonderful spectrum of joy emotions, joy is extremely necessary for quality of life as it provides the ability to bounce back from toxic emotions and sustains physical strength.

The optimum time to start nurturing the spirit is in the womb. Most of us didn't have this head start in life for an expansive joy base. Thus, we're working from the bottom up (our spirits back to Father) instead of from the top down (His Spirit to ours).

However, listening to anointed spirit ministry is the fastest, easiest way to grow our spirit. Further, the good news is that with the Father each day is a new opportunity for a fresh start!

Format: MP3 audio on CD. Plays on MP3-CD enabled players (most new CD players) or transfers to portable devices. 

Note: Only ships to USA postal addresses.