Perfect Peace Audio Album (physical product)

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(This is a physical product.)

Is there a way to nurture the fruit of the Spirit that will work with life in a fast-paced world that leaves little room to breathe, much less grow?

Yes! Listen your way to peace! The key is - building trust and establishing focus. Nurtured trust in your spirit allows room for the Prince of Peace (the Lord Jesus Christ) to keep you in His peace. These blessings direct your spirit's focus to Him.

Scripture teaches that faith grows through the sound of the Gospel (Romans 10:17). Perfect Peace, the MP3 audio album, includes all twenty-two spirit blessing chapters from the book written by Crystal Wade.

Format:  MP3 audio on CD. Plays on MP3-CD enabled players (most new CD players) or transfers to portable devices. 

Note: This product only ships to USA postal addresses.