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Perfect Peace Audio Album Part 1 (digital download)

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Perfect Peace, Part 1 of the digital audio album, contains approximately two hours of focused blessings which build trust as our spirit comes to know Father, Son and Spirit in their lovingkindness. From there, peace is connected and grows in the spirit. Each of the 11 tracks are provided as downloadable digital singles. The 2-part album, however, is the best value, containing all 22 (not counting the free downloadable intro). 

Have you tried to develop the fruit of the Spirit in your life? Many believers, including me, have banged their heads against brick walls trying to embrace the disciplines to grow. Sure, we need the disciplines of prayer, Bible reading, quietness and fasting to move to maturity, but is there a way to nurture the fruit of the Spirit that will work with life in a fast-paced world that leaves little room to breathe, much less grow?


Listen your way to peace! The key is--building trust. From there, the Prince of Peace keeps us in His peace. 

Listening to blessings for the spirit, such as the Perfect Peace audio album, is THE fastest and easiest way to nurture peace in the human spirit! What we hear over and over, our spirit absorbs. Plug in when you're sleeping, exercising, commuting, and make the most of your time to GROW peace in your spirit! With approximately four hours of anointed truth-blessings and music, your spirit will enjoy a feast. 

Scripture teaches that faith grows through the sound of the Gospel (Romans 10:17).  Perfect Peace, the audio album in 2-parts, includes all twenty-two blessing chapters from the book written by Crystal Wade.  It is here presented by Dr. Anne Rowntree.  The music on these tracks impacts the right side of the brain where emotions are stored while the words affect the left side of the brain which analyzes facts.  Up to four hours long, this 2-part album incorporates blessings, based on Scripture, which effect physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.  

The Bible is the blueprint for life.  It takes a builder, however, to take the blueprints and construct the house.  Crystal hammered Scripture application into real life situations relating to God, oneself, and others.  Listening to, and soaking in, this album will build your spirit and your family’s into homes of peace--homes built with strength from the inside out and the ability to withstand storms.  

Crystal Wade is a daughter of the Most High God. She's a wife, mother, and author. Through her writings, the Heavenly Father's life flows and His healing virtue impacts people.  Dr. Rowntree served in Africa as a missionary doctor during her career practicing medicine.  She is an apostle to the healing ministry.  Celeste Stewart played the harp for patients at a Georgia hospital for a decade.  She releases divine healing through the sound of her worship to countless people. From their co-labor of love, there's a three-fold cord of healing in this audio album.

(This is not a physical product. It is a digital download. MP3) 

Track 1 -  Introduction and Blessing

Track 2 -  Peace of Original Design

Track 3 -  Peace of Grace

Track 4 -  Peace of Love

Track 5 -  Peace that Passes Understanding

Track 6 -  Peace with the Changing Seasons of Relationships

Track 7 -  Peace in Difficult Relationships

Track 8 -  Peace of Protection

Track 9 -  Peace with Provision

Track 10 - Peace during Unjust Treatment

Track 11 - Peace of Following God Who Delivers

Track 12 - Peace when Standing Alone


After purchasing, you will receive an email receipt with a download link for this digital product. 

The individual Perfect Peace spirit blessing tracks can be opened on any device, but to save them, a computer must be used.

To save more easily on computers, the zip file of the Perfect Peace Part 1 audio album is included with its purchase. 


To Open Zip File For Windows:

1. Start download from receipt

2. Go to Download folder

3. Right click on the audio files’ zipped folder

4. Select Extract All

5. Select Extract

6. An opened (unzipped) folder will appear

7. Drag the opened folder where you want it filed on your computer (Music Library, for instance)


To Open Zip File For Mac:

1. Start download from receipt

2. Go to Download folder

3. Right click, then select Open

4. An opened folder will appear

5. Drag opened (unzipped) folder where you want it filed on your computer (Music Library, for instance)


Steps for moving Digital Audio Downloads though iTunes 

(If you buy it on your computer/laptop, you can download it and move it to your iPhone though iTunes.)

1. Plug your iPhone into your computer with the USB charging cable.

2. Download Perfect Peace from the store. (It should save in your Downloads folder by default.)

3. Open iTunes

4. At the top of the iTunes application click where it says File, then in the menu that will open up, click Add to Library.

5. In the window that will open up, find the folder that you saved Perfect Peace in. Select the Perfect Peace files you want, and click Open.

6. In the Albums page of iTunes, click on the Perfect Peace album, in the menu that shows all songs in the album, click on the three dots icon.

7. In the menu that just opened, click Add to Device. Select your iPhone as the device.